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Rainfall Summary Report
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Whakatane at Valley Road

Site Info:
The Valley Road water level recorder is situated in the lower Whakatane catchment some 4 km upstream of Whakatane township.

Summer water levels at this site can get as low as 0.05 metres, but normal water levels are closer to 0.8 metres. The maximum recorded water level at this site was just over 7.7 metres in July 2004.
Grid Reference: W15: 609 475
Elevation (m): 10
Other Info: Historical Data Summaries (9.73 MB)
Rainfall Summary Report

Latest Summary

Sensor Latest Sample Latest Value (NZST) Alarm Status
River Level 833 mm24-Jun-2018 18:00N/A
Flow 56.5 m3/s24-Jun-2018 18:00N/A

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