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Wave Buoy

Swell Map

Swell Map
This is a wave model that describes the sea state in the Bay of Plenty in near real time. The model runs automatically every three hours using wave and wind data provided by Marineweather.co.nz and data from the wave buoy. Model accuracy is very good in the vicinity of the wave buoy but reduces as distance from the buoy increases.

Latest Summary

Sensor Latest Sample (NZST) Latest Value Alarm Status
Average Wave Height 1.82 metres01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Max Wave Height 4.67 metres01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Sig. Wave Height 3.09 metres01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Sig. Wave Period 12.4 secs01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Mean Period 9.1 secs01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Peak Period 14.3 secs01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Mean Mag. Dir. 45 degrees01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A
Water Temperature 14.5 deg. C01-Oct-2014 02:00N/A

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Site Info:
The wave buoy is located 13 km off Pukehina Beach in a central position within the curve of the Bay of Plenty.

Significant wave height is an average measurement of the largest third of waves. Significant wave height corresponds well to visual estimates of wave height.

Maximum wave height is the largest wave recorded (peak to trough).

Significant wave period is the average time it takes for a wave to pass the wave buoy.

Wave direction is the direction from which the wave arrives at the buoy. This is shown as degrees from North in a clockwise direction. For example, a wave arriving from the east will have a wave direction of 90 degrees.

Sea surface temperature is measured from a sensor mounted near the base of the wave buoy (approximately 0.5 m below the sea surface).

The Swell Map model describes the sea state in the Bay of Plenty in near real time. The model should be used as a complementary source of information to augment traditional meteorological data and forecasts.
Grid Reference: V14: 290 832
Elevation (m): 0
Other Info: Historical Data Summaries (9.73 MB)


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