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Wave Buoy

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Update 2 May 2016:

Wave buoy takes a sabbatical

Bay of Plenty Regional Council's wave buoy will be out of the water for several months as the internal computer gets a makeover.

Like any computer facing its 14th birthday, the wave buoy computer is having more than a few issues and this has resulted in us having to order a new 'brain' and the parts need to come from Canada. So by the time we have put her back together, tested everything is working and get it back on the water it is likely to be a few months before we have that live data stream back online.

On the up side, the outer casing is holding up extremely well so the shell and external aspects will be fine to keep working for a number of years yet.

Once we have the new 'brain' in the wave buoy we'll look forward to sharing that popular data with boaties and surfers in time for summer.

While the wave buoy may be out of action, there is plenty of other data available on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council's live monitoring site, including data on the region's soil, air, rivers and lakes.  

The wave buoy is located 13 km off Pukehina Beach in 62m of water, in a central position within the curve of the Bay of Plenty.

Significant wave height is an average measurement of the largest third of waves. Significant wave height corresponds well to visual estimates of wave height.

Maximum wave height is the largest wave recorded (peak to trough).

Significant wave period is the average time it takes for a wave to pass the wave buoy.

Wave direction is the direction from which the wave arrives at the buoy. This is shown as degrees from North in a clockwise direction. For example, a wave arriving from the east will have a wave direction of 90 degrees.

Sea surface temperature is measured from a sensor mounted near the base of the wave buoy (approximately 0.5 m below the sea surface).
Grid Reference: V14: 290 832
Elevation (m): 0
Other Info: Historical Data Summaries (9.73 MB)
Rainfall Summary Report

Latest Summary

Sensor Latest Sample Latest Value (NZST) Alarm Status
Average Wave Height 0.77 metres01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Max Wave Height 1.77 metres01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Sig. Wave Height 1.16 metres01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Sig. Wave Period 6.6 secs01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Mean Period 4.6 secs01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Peak Period 9.5 secs01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Mean Mag. Dir. 35 degrees01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A
Water Temperature 22.4 deg. C01-Mar-2016 03:00N/A

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