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Rainfall Summary Report
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Lake Rotoehu Monitoring Buoy

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The Lake Rotoehu buoy is operated by the University of Waikato. The buoy provides continuous monitoring of a variety of lake conditions and supplements Bay of Plenty Regional Council's monthly monitoring programme.

The bottom waters of 'shallow' lakes like Rotoehu may deoxygenate in a matter of days during warm, calm conditions. The continuous monitoring equipment will enable measurement of the occurence and rate of deoxygenation in real-time. The rate of deoxygenation of bottom waters is a core lake health measurement.

Data collected from the buoy will be utilised to monitor and assist with the ongoing improvement of lake health. The data from the buoy will enhance our knowledge of the lake and provide for greater research opportunities for students and staff of Waikato University under the auspices of Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Chair in Lake Management and Restoration.
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Other Info: Historical Data Summaries (9.73 MB)
Rainfall Summary Report

Latest Summary

Sensor Latest Sample Latest Value (NZST) Alarm Status
Chl a 3.5 RFU22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Phycocyanin 0.19 RFU22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 0.5m 28.67 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 1.5m 26.14 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 3.0m 27.49 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 5m 25.28 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 7m 25.93 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 9m 24.72 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Temperature 10.5m 23.79 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Sat (0.5m) 141.66 %22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Cont (0.5m) 12.52 ppm22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Temp (0.5m) 21.41 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Sat (10m) -1.05 %22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Cont (10m) -0.09 ppm22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
DO Temp (10m) 18.67 deg. C22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
ISFET pH 12.41 22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
pH_RAW 8720.0 22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Rainfall 0.02 mm22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Wind Speed (m/s) 1.0 m/s22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Wind Speed 3.60 km/h22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Wind Direction 20 degrees22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Air Temperature 18.1 22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Humidity 79 %22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Barometric Pressure 1028.3 hPa22-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Solar Radiation 159.0 W/m222-Mar-2019 08:45N/A
Battery Voltage 13.00 V22-Mar-2019 08:00N/A

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